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Lynn Quigley architect; only woman in 1982 class at Harvard Design
Herman Rabson maritime law attorney, U.S. law judge; grandfather of triplets
Steve Radin PS101 pupil, who was an early television actor;  good-looking, extroverted singer with The Roommates, enjoying an entertaining personality
Edward Raftery, Sr. a senior partner in the firm O'Brien, Driscoll & Raftery, he was president of United Artists during the 1940s as well as serving on various boards and being active in the USO
Richard Raskind/Rene Richards FHHS; eye MD; transsexual: "Tennis without Balls" author
William Reich psychiatrist known for his ideas about "Orgone," a controversial and theoretical form of sexual energy
Buddy Rich jazz drummer, who grew up in Brooklyn;  born of vaudevillians, Rich was notorious for his temper
Branch Rickey owner, Brooklyn Dodgers; called up to the bigs Jackie Robinson
Thelma Ritter in "Rear Window"; won Tony and Emmy awards; Brooklyn born, affable and accomplished actress, who was a CITG Sunday morning regular attendee
Will Rogers political humorist
Ray Romano TV sitcom actor, widely loved; OLQM
Mitchell Ryan in “Lethal Weapon,” “Magnum Force”
William Ryden composer; practiced, practiced, practiced…and got to Carnegie Hall, with Beethoven; served in South Korea in U.S. Army
Tito Schipa (?) lyric tenor opera singer at Met and LaScala in 1920s to c.1950
Palmer Sealy, Jr. commercial real estate broker; fan of TR; fine family man
Jerry Seinfeld TV sitcom actor; Met fan
Ysrael Seinuk born in Havana, Cuba in 1931 of Lithuanian father who had emigrated there, Ysrael went on to earn a degree in civil engineering from the University of Havana; he was in the vanguard of using reinforced concrete to provide strength and stability for skyscrapers; after moving to the United States, the engineer designed several notable buildings in Manhattan, including the 70-story Trump Tower near the United Nations and the elliptically shaped Lipstick building on Third Avenue;  a laudatory October 1, 2010 in the New York Times obituary section, entitled in part "Made Tall, Sleek Buildings Possible," about Ysrael Seinuk's 78 years of life, was written by a fellow Famous Forest Hillian, Dennis Hevesi
Perry Serpa lead singer of the Sharp Things; Serpa resides in FH
Elisabeth Sheridan resident of 93 Puritan Avenue, along with grown son Michael, who maintained a front yard festooned with all manner of flowers, real and plastic, seasonal decorations such as artificial Christmas trees, knickknacks, even an inflatable dinosaur -- an eyesore to some, riling neighbors, but a gorgeous front garden to the home's two denizens
Connie Simmons FHHS; N.Y. Knicks; high-arching overhead set shot
Paul Simon (?) KG singer; song writer; FHHS; lyricized about Queen of Corona
James Slattery/Candy Darling a native of Forest Hills, born in 1944, James moved to Massapequa Park, Long Island, after his parents divorced;  there, s/he decided to change sex, from male to female;  a friend of Andy Warhol, Candy was a habitue of the Manhattan bar and nightclub scene, eventually working her way into pictures, where she had several Hollywood film credits;  having attained an ample measure of fame, the attractive actress, however, passed out of the picture at an early age;  the darling, deliciously renamed transsexual died of leukemia at age 29, claiming she was "bored with everything -- you might say bored to death"
Eric Sloane artist
Lucy Allen Smart dean, Kew Forest School; editor, “F.H. Bulletin”
Mrs. Alfred Smith businesswoman; donated land for CH and CITG parsonage
Caroline Sondheim principal, P.S.49, Middle Village
Mabel Sondheim principal, P.S.3, Kew Gardens
Philip Spitzer a top literary agent on Times list; spouse of actress Mary Armstrong
Rev. Frank Spitzer early civil rights advocate and anti-Vietnam war activist, tolling church bells in weekly protest; articulate and inspiring Episcopal Church pastor; graduate of Kew Forest School, Dartmouth College
Jerry Springer TV host
Ferdinand Starbuck, Sr. Nantucket whaling family; highest serve toss at WSTC
Dick Stockton (?) attended FHHS; TV sportscaster
Fred Stone Broadway vaudeville star; would ride unicycle along Beechknoll
Lyman Beecher Stowe grandson of H.B. Stowe; F.H.G. Corp. president 1927-1929
Jack Sughrue NBC news producer, winning 2 Emmys, 1 Peabody; Mike's big brother
Lee Sullivan performed in Broadway’s Brigadoon
John Sununu ex-NH governor; presidential chief of staff; OLQM graduate
Steve Susskind early television actor and singer with The Roommates, who had hit tunes like "Please Love Me Forever" and "The Glory of Love";  Steve was born in 1942 and, sadly, died in 2005 in California in a car accident
Robert Tappan architect: St. Luke’s, Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Lorraine Barre Taylor discovered by band leader, Happy Felton, "The Society Songstress" toured USA in big-band era; entertained with Harry James, Frank Sinatra, until being swept off feet by captivating clarinetist (see below)
Robert Dake Taylor accomplished saxophone/clarinetist, swinging in big-band era with Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller; father of FH Club co-founder, Robert Barre Taylor, making music with wife Lorraine (supra), their very own sentimental journey
Ordway Teague industrial designer
Seymour Thaler NY senator, 1959–1971; a Deepdene burgler was deep-sixed - suddenly by Seymour
Lowell Thing creator of one of the first information technology encyclopedia websites on the Internet, Whatis.com, Lowell has distinguished himself by being a New York State preservationist as well as championing the cause for a Historic Kingston; from all accounts of usually reliable sources, Lowell is a fine family man and fun to be around; he is married to Suzanne (nee Taylor) Thing, sister of our Forest Hills Club co-founder, Robert Taylor, Esquire
Bill Toomey Olympics gold medalist, decathlon, 1968, with 8,193 points
Juan Trippe founder & first CEO, Pan American Airways
Tatiana Troyanos a beautiful mezzo-soprano opera star, who grew up in FH, attending FHHS where she was called "Totsie";  while working as a secretary at Random House, Troyanos applied to the Juilliard School, was admitted, but eventually dropped out after she was not permitted to study under the professor of her choice; in middle age, by then a mainstay of the Metropolitan Opera, Tatiana was stricken with breast cancer, succumbing to the disease at 54;  surely, it would have been understandable for the disease-challenged diva to have felt betrayed by her own upper body:  just below a voice box that had once provoked admiring cries of "Bravo!", there were malignant cells multiplying and hastening their host's early exit from the stage, a tragic finale for a Famous Forest Hillian, replete with pathos and bathos
Rafael Trujillo Dom. Rep. president, 1930 – 1938, 1942 – 1952; assasinated; Confidential: Greenway South home has secret room in it
Charles Trunz founder, Trunz Pork Products
Rudy Vallee (?) born Hubert in Island Pond, Vermont; band leader, singer
Abbot Van Nostrand businessman
Frank “Pop” Wade US Navy aviator in World Wars I and II; In the 1940s, he commanded a battalion of Sea Bees in the Pacific theatre, where they teamed with Marines, storming beaches and building air strips despite fire from Japanese snipers. Returning home, Pop continued as a builder, constructing hundreds of Long Island private homes. One, in Garden City, was eponymous for his only child, Webb, where one of the streets is dubbed Webb Hill Road. Also Pop served as chairman of the Forest Hills Gardens Architectural Review Board. Pop Wade staunchly supported the CH, the Boys’ Club, and his son’s circle of friends. More than once, when caught in a jejune caper, Pop would excuse us by intoning, “Boys will be boys.” On the happy occasion of his honeymoon trip to the Caribbean, after his marriage to Kitty Kindred (whom Webb wryly said resided in the Monastery), Pop returned home to find his powder blue Caddy convertible damaged after an unauthorized joy ride. Characteristically, the ex-commander's concern was first for the welfare of his son's friends, not for the status of his car.
Christopher Walken in “King of New York”; at 15, worked briefly as lion-tamer; talented actor as he is, Walken has been type-cast in countless films and melodramas as "Mr. Bad Guy";  as of early 2010, Christopher's mother, age 104, was alive and living in Bayside
Robert Walker in “Stranger on a Train,” which showed a WSTC/FHG scene
Gene Weber # 1 Broadway press/event agent; “Gotcha? No! We’ll keep trying!”
Anthony Weiner Brooklyn-born ex-US Congressman for 9th District comprising parts of Kings and Queens Counties (including Forest Hills);  reputation as hard-driving, difficult-to-work-with loner, having a notorious temper;  as a young man one summer on the Jersey Shore was a house-mate of television comedian Jon Stewart;  was being considered as a possible candidate for NYC mayor until his conduct in office was compromised in spring 2011 in a bizarre, notorious, self-destructing scandal;  resided at a FHG apartment coop located in between C-I-G and OLQM churches, where the congregations pray for wisdom to be divinely conferred on governmental leaders; in the summer of 2013 Anthony threw his hat into the ring, running for NYC mayor, showing sizable support despite the hot water he created for himself as a US Congressman and now pleading the electorate for a second chance
Adolph Weinman sculptor/medallist, Lady Liberty Dime, OLQM “Pieta”
Johnny Weismuller (?) Tarzan actor; swimmer; Aquacade performer
Lou Wertz aka Roger Williams at Inn piano: “Autumn Leaves”; from Rego Park
Henry Wilson as Hollywood agent, discovered Lana Turner, Rock Hudson
Dr. Julia Wood Rea dentist who won okay to add office to Ascan home, 1915
John Zaccaro realtor; spouse of Geraldine Ferraro
Pia Zadora attractive actress; OLQM; family name: Schipani of Middlemay Circle
William Zeckendorf, Jr. realtor; married Trygve Lie’s daughter of Granston Towers
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As primary compiler, I, Henry Hof 3rd, aimed for accuracy (inculcated at PS101/FHHS/St. Paul’s School) in listing the names and accomplishments of our notable neighbors.   Factual and spelling errors may still exist.  Even NBA basketball players, after all, miss more shots than they make.  Three fellow Forest Hillians, mentioned above, were actually paid to play the sport.

Stanley Peck, among others, collaborates on maintaining the accuracy and authenticity of this compilation.

In keeping with athletics, our collection is a team effort, various Club members having contributed.  A criterion for inclusion was bona fide residence in Forest Hills.  An exception is Rego Park’s Lou Wertz, who played the piano nightly at the Forest Hill Inn Grill.

As evanescent as fame may be for its individual residents, Forest Hills itself endures as a well-known and admired community.  (See below, A Modern Arcadia.) Forest Hills certainly enjoys an ample share of accomplished, widely acknowledged residents.  An explanation for such a magnetic attraction may well lie in its intrinsic worth as a pleasant place to live;  Also in its proximity to the world's pre-eminent city, of which it is a suburban part;  As well as being an established town in the United States of America, the country with the planet's largest economy.  All considered, for Forest Hills a trifecta kind of confluence.

On our list, where we were unsure of accuracy, I have so indicated with a question mark: “(?)” The Forest Hills Club acknowledges an ample element of arbitrariness in the grouping “Famous Forest Hillians,” with its three subsets.  Observers are therefore encouraged to propose additions and corrections.  Unlike one of our notable’s tombstones, existing entries are entirely editable.

“Fame is nothing but an empty name,” chided Charles Churchill in The Ghost, 1763.

Another apt aphorism, albeit anonymous, arrests attention:  “Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings.  Only one thing endures, and that is character.”


A Modern Arcadia: Frederick Law Olmstead Jr. and the Plan for Forest Hills Gardens.  Susan L. Klaus.  University of Massachusetts Press, 2002.

An Illustrated History: Forest Hills.  Robert Minton.  Focuses on the W.S.T.C.   J.B. Lippencott Company, 1975. 

“Celebrities Living in Forest Hills” and “Forest Hills Gardens Self-Tour and Houses of Notables.”  Both by Jeff Gottlieb (via Robert Marsh Hof) in private research during the early 1990s in and around Forest Hills including the Queens Historical Society. 

Forest Hills Diary: The Crises of Low-Income Housing.  Mario Cuomo (with preface by Jimmy Breslin).  Describes a controversial proposal by the City of New York to establish  so-called scatter site housing in Forest Hills by the border with Corona near the Fairview Apartments.   Random House, 1974.

“Forest Hills, New York: A Piece of Small Town America Smack Dab in New York City.”  Bonnie Fernald Fontayne and Cynthia Fontayne of the Fontayne Group, Inc., 1998 – 2002. 

“The Community House Bulletin: Published Ever [sic] So Often by the Community House Staff.”  December 30, 1929.  Courtesy of Susanna MacInnes Hof. 

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