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Marvin Kalb news reporter, pundit; FHHS
Yo Kano Japanese jazz musician, composer, radio program producer who worked with great jazz icons over the years like Dave Matthews and Lance Heyward;  Yo Kano, who lives in FH, is visually impaired and has devoted his talent to promoting music technology and charity work for the visually impaired
Donna Karan dress designer, born in FH on October 2, 1948 as Donna Ivy Faske; philanthropist who founded Urban Zen initiative: whether yoga, meditation, aromatherapy enhances traditional cancer radiation and chemotherapy treatments
Melinda Katz NYC Council Representative for Forest Hills and nearby towns; the daughter of a Queens County family with a tradition of civic service, Melinda is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts (summa cum laude) and St. John's Law School; running in November 2009 contest for NYC Comptroller; named in 1995 by The Daily News as one of the up-and-coming young leaders for the 21st century
Lainie Kazan singer
Bob Keeshan Captain Kangaroo; Clarabell the Clown
Helen Keller physically challenged individual, multiply disabled, who said "When some doors close, others open"; when Keller moved from Connecticut to Queens, the real estate agent who helped her settle into Forest Hills was Robert Marsh, Sr., maternal grandfather of Hof brothers Henry 3rd, Robert Marsh and Philip Marsh;  family lore has it that at an early age their mother, Nancy Marsh Hof, was a favorite of Helen Keller, with the former occasionally fiddling in jest with the latter's hairpiece, to Helen's great amusement
Charles Kelman, M.D. comedian; devised simple cataract operation
Jean King journalist, published author;  widow of former Daily News editor, Earl King
Ann Kittredge accomplished actress and singer, with numerous theater, film, and television credits; played leading roles in G&S "Iolanthe," in "Me and My Girl," "Moon over Buffalo,";  in 1991, Kittredge was Miss Marion, the librarian, in "Music Man";  Ann's soprano voice has been described as bell-like, for its clarity and tonal quality
Herbert Kliegl Kliegl Bros. Lighting Co. family, who invented Klieg stage lights
Wm. Knockey eccentric, but earnest, well-meaning man-about-town, coaxing kids to eliminate our fooling around
P. Nicholas Kourides general counsel, American Express International
Peter T. Kourides general counsel, Greek Archdiocese of North and South America; passed away in February 2010 in his hundredth year of life
James Kriegsmann, Sr. & Jr. celebrity show biz photographers who have played a pivotal role in the careers of legendary recording artists, big bands and TV personalities, particularly famous black entertainers; the father filmed the likes of Cab Calloway and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson as well as "Miss Subways," contestants featured in ads to ogle on the underground, especially for strap-hangers with nothing better to do; the son, a 1960 Kew Forest grad, has capably carried on the business, shooting, for instance, Spike Lee
George Krug of Krug Baking Company, Queens culinary delivered to your door
Brenda La Grange Kew Forest, delightful deb, U.S Ambassador, Jamaica
Michael Landon TV’s cutest cowboy, 33rd most sexy actor, said TV Guide, 2002
Stan Lee Marvel Comics Spider-Man founder and creator
Harry Lefrak apartment builder in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx
Edward Levine restaurant owner, The Brass Rail
Jacob "Jack" Lew Jacob "Jack" Lew FHHS, where he was a co-editor of the school newspaper; Harvard College, Georgetown Law, going into government service; now, no less, as Secretary of the Treasury, sixth in line for the office of the US Presidency; previously, Jack served as Head of the Office of Management and Budget and after that as Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama; current duties include placing his John Hancock on our paper money, but with an almost indecipherable, loopy signature nicknamed "the slinky," Jack had to first undergo handwriting training, apparently lacking the Palmer penmanship grade school drills that older FHC members will recall; the autumn of 2013 will be the Lew-signed greenback's debut, revealing whether or not, as Obama chided, our currency becomes debased; according to FHC insiders, like many of us, Jack is challenged when endeavoring to balance his personal checkbook 
Trygve Lie first UN Secretary-General, 1946 – 1953; Granston Towers resident
Joe Louis heavyweight boxer, who never back-peddled; well, nearly never
Henry Luce editor, Time-Life
Ray Lumpp N.Y.U.; N.Y. Knicks; lithe lefty with lethal shot
Charley Mac vaudeville performer; met, and was admired by, Johnny Carson
Henry MacDonald lawyer; donated stained glass window to OLQM
Bruce Mac Innes race car driver/instructor; Santa Claus
Virginia Larom Mac Innes founder of Terrace Realty, long-located in Station Square and still thriving; proud member of the D.A.R., and civic activist; along with husband Dave, raised four fine now-grown children, including for many years FH Gardens own "Santa Claus"; as an academic  late-bloomer student, Ginger was a 1992 graduate of Empire State College, SUNY, majoring in economics and business administration;  Mac Innes was a published writer, including a collection of childhood memories and poems entitled "Ginger Snaps"
Edward Mallory architect, Chevy buildings; died on 1953 cruise, buried at sea
Alrick Man, Jr. tennis Davis Cup captain; son of Kew Gardens founder
Austin Mandel assemblyman, helped exempt teachers from jury duty
Robert Burns Mantle Drama Critic, New York Daily News; founder of "The Best Plays" series, which he edited from 1920 to 1947; died in FH on February 9, 1948
Don Marquis New York Sun literary critic; creator of Archie the Cockroach
Benjamin Marvin L.I. Daily Press publisher; founder of Jamaica Jewish Center
George McGann tennis h.o.f. journalist; co-author, sports celebrity books
George Merrill CH vice president and governor
Harry Mesard with wife, early FH Gardens settler, 1929, an attorney
Lillian Mesard helped found and nourish the FH Jewish Center
Maj. Gen. Jack Meyer WWII war hero; ace pilot; shot down 37 enemy planes
Min Xiao-Fen Chinese pipa player; founded Blue Pipa, non-profit group promoting music from all cultures, focusing on Asia; Min emigrated from China in 1992, landing in San Francisco and settling in FH
Carmen Miranda actress, born in Portugal but brought up in Brazil; The Brazilian Bombshell contributed to FDR's Good Neighbor Policy, as she radiated a generic Latina charm via song and dance
Michele Miranda in 1957 Apalachin and 1966 La Stella raids; mob consiglieri and then cappo de tutti
Lawrence Miscall, M.D. heart surgeon; founder of the CH Boys’ Club
Royal “Doc” Montgomery, M.D. Boy Scout leader; square dance caller
Albert Moore president of Moore–McCormick shipping line
Ed Mowery World Telegram & Sun Pulitzer prize winner, 1952
Cord Myer land developer, who in 1906 called the town "Forest Hills" after Forest Park
John Maloof ex-CITG Sunday School attendee; survived 1956 Parris Island Marine Death March
Nikki Moran commercials actress who moaned, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."; daughter of Thelma Ritter
Tony Moran 20th C. Fox grip, treasure diver, along with John Maloof, was a Marine March hero; son of Thelma Ritter
Abbie Niles attorney, pianist, who, with W.C. Handy, wrote about the blues
Katherine Niles wrote “Angel in the Hayloft;” organized debs and dance classes
Dudley Nostrand chairman, Cross & Brown real estate
Lore Noto producer, longest running musical The Fantasticks
Emilio Nuñez, Sr. N.Y. State Court of Appeals judge; born in Spain
Carroll O’Connor actor, “Archie Bunker”; PS3 grad; brother of a PS101 teacher
Floyd Odlum owner of Atlas Corporation producing missiles
Clark Osborne “F.H.G. is not a parking lot” sticker-slapper
Victor Hugo Palsists a chief librarian, N.Y. Pub. Library; kept rare manuscripts
Ike Pappas (?) born in Flushing of Greek immigrants who owned a delicatessen, Pappas attended FHHS; after going to LIU and then the Army, he began a career as a WNEW radio and then as a CBS TV news reporter;  Pappas was present in Dallas in November 1963 when Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK's reputed and likely assassin; for his radio audience, Pappas exclaimed, "There's a shot! Oswald has been shot.  Oswald has been shot. Mass confusion here. All the doors have been locked. Holy mackerel"
Peter Parker /Spider-Man of “20 Ingram Street, Forest Hills” in comic books
Henry Porter commercial illustrator; founded Seminole Country Club
Charles Prutzman highest Yale Law grades for 20 years; UA exec; a venerable F.H. centenarian
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