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Willis Abbot editor, Christian Science Monitor
Lawrence Abbott editor of Outlook magazine and personal friend of TR
George Agutter WSTC pro, who could grip 14 tennis balls single-handedly
Major General
Alexander Anderson
WWI Fighting Irish 69th Regiment
Albert Armour invented phone booth accordion door; built Granston Towers, 1925
Grosvenor Atterbury F.H.G. official architect, 1909 – 1941: Inn, CITG
Jan August talented pianist of the 1940s/1950s, discovered by Jimmy Durante in a downtown nightclub where both performed;  twice played for President Harry Truman;  known for his rendition of folk song, "Miserlou" as well as "Malaguena" and "Babalou";  in a 1970s version of identity theft, an imposter assumed Jan's name, entertaining southern Florida retirees as "Jan August," until being outed by a local newspaper
Hank Azaria Forest Hills native, who became successful TV, stage and movie actor; films include "The Birdcage," "Godzilla"; various "Simpsons" voices; Hellacious Hank was hitched to Helen Hunt,1999 -- 2000, spanning centuries 
Bert Bacharach, “Sr.” writer; ex-B.Colt, able to punt a football all of Hawthorne Park
Burt Bacharach, “Jr.” Oscar winning songwriter; OLQM, FHHS, Senior Class President
Wilhelmina Bachus notable early resident
Frederick Bachus F.H.oldest family;son of famed Ascan Bachus
Bela Bartok (?) accomplished 20th C. composer, residing in FH, c. 1940-1945
Mercer Beasley tennis coach; cared for pet cat “Ace”
William Beazell editor, New York World
Henry Benisch monuments, operated a granite quarry in Maine
Harold Bickford treasurer of Bickford’s restaurant chain, son of founder
Roman Blum Roman Blum died intestate, at age 97, without survivors, leaving an estate just shy of $40,000,000; a Holocaust survivor, Roman emigrated from Eastern Europe, settling in Forest Hills and thriving in the New World environment; real estate development on Staten Island paid off handsomely for the handsome, swashbuckling six-footer, a ladies man, gambler and drinker; according to his accountant, Blum was on the verge of writing a will when the Grim Reaper came calling; with such a fortune having been accumulated over a lifetime, one can only hope and wonder whether the NY State governmental machinery will efficiently dispose of the dollar windfall to benefit Empire State citizens effectively and equitably; Roman's neglect in dying without a will is a reminder to FHC members and others that one should draw up a Last Will and Testament in a timely way, as Robert Taylor, Esquire, et al., have been preaching for years, or suffer the consequences in terms of survivors being subjected to gratuitous grief
Victor Borge comedian-pianist, who once performed at WSTC stadium
Tommy Boys USLTA tennis player; St. Paul’s School tennis & basketball
Douglas Bradley owner of Angostura Bitters; supporter of St. Luke’s church
Jimmy Breslin syndicated journalist, street-smart author despite serenity of Deepdene den
Bob Bruns original member of CH Boys' Club, first Scott Kenny awardee, an early role model and leader; St. Paul's School and Colby College star athlete in basketball; following his father Fred's specialty, Bob had a distinguished career on Madison Avenue, culminating in his being named president of Ted Bates advertising agency
Art Buchwald syndicated newspaper humor columnist;  after astounding his friends and doctors by outliving a dire prognosis for kidney disease, Buchwald wrote that he was checking out of a hospice and bound  for Martha's Vineyard "because that's all Medicare will pay for";  one of his several sardonic quotes was "I worship the quicksand he walks on";  rather than wanting to be known for dying after the standard "battling a long illness," Buchwald wished he could expire on a tennis court competing with Andre Agassi, who just could not handle his serve
Dan Buckley basketball coach CH, LaSalle, Mer.Mar.Ac.; inducted in 6 h.o.f.
Hank Bull inventor of refrigerator magnet
John Bull Norwegian-born illustrator for New York Times, Life, New Yorker
Wendel Burch United Press International bureau chief in Hawaii and later foreign editor; solid CH supporter, where daughter, twin sons thrived; drove distinctive Burchmobile with enviable plates, UP-6, permitting parking with impunity
Helen Burke savvy Hoosier, widowed when CBS executive/husband Jim died young; as single parent, raised daughter Sheila (a poet, and parent of two sons), becoming dynamic NYC executive director of Planned Parenthood
Michael Burstein award winning science fiction writer; wrote "TeleAbsence," and "I Remember the Future"
Sid Caesar as per TV’s Biography, lived in F.H. while doing show in Manhattan
Dale Carnegie residing in FH by secret steps but still able to win friends, 1928-1955
David Caruso TV, film actor; CH member; beaten up twice by friend, Phil Hof
Guy Catlin co-founder, The Kew Forest School
Ronald Chalmers, M.D. started outcomes research in clinical investigation
Carol Channing actress, out of Yonkers: “It’s a little lumpy but it rings!”
Elliot Compton litigious FH fixture, wearing two wrist watches ("in case one breaks") chez Cameo Bowling Alley
Abe Coleman wrestler, “The Jewish Tarzan,” using his kangaroo-like drop-kick
Maurice Connelly Queens Bor. Pres., 1911 – 1928; lost job due to sewer scandal
Lou Costello comedian; actor, “Who’s on first?”; Patterson, N.J. transplant
Bobby Bartley Cox a FHHS attendee, starring in track and being editor of the class yearbook. Bobby went on to Brown University and then the Rhode Island School of Design. Creativity was his forte, a successful copywriter on Madison Avenue. Some sloagans emanating from his fertile mind were "Quality Is Job 1" for Ford; "All aboard!" for Amtrack; "The office of tomorrow" for Xerox; "Just say no" for Nancy Reagan; "Professionals are standing by" for his own ad agency.
Arthur Cunningham NYC Comptroller after whom Cunningham Park named
Raymond Vahan Damadian, M.D. PS101, FHHS, where he was a science whiz and was able to skip his senior year, going directly to the University of Wisconsin; inventor of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and founder of Fonar Corporation. Raymond's numerous awards include Franklin Institute in 2004; the National Medal of Technology in 1998 presented by Ronald Reagan; the National Inventor's Hall of Fame in 1989; a Lamelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award; Honorary Fellow Award from the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering; in 1977 Fonar won patent infringement case against GE, which the latter brought all the way to the Supreme Court; as stated in a A Gifted Mind, by Jeff McKinley with Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the MRI had won over a corporate icon, David(Damadian) defeated Goliath (GE/Jack Welch).
Irwin Dambrot at 6'4", an outstanding basketball forward from the Bronx, who helped City College win both the NIT and NCAA championships in 1950;  after such a feat, a common expression shouted on the streets of Manhattan was City's battle cry, "Allagaroo!";  the following year, however, Dambrot and six other City teammates were arrested for point shaving, pleading guilty, and given suspended sentences; he practiced dentistry in Forest Hills, being quoted as saying after retirement, "A lot of us just wanted to do things for people, to help"
S. Ellisworth Davenport Junior Davis Cup tennis manager, 1952-1953
Harry Day artist; prof. photographer; would give you the shirt off his back
Douglas Decker PS101, Kew Forest School, Denver University (where he garnered an electrical engineering degree);  from early days in a Beechknoll Road garage, tinkering with motors as a youngster with big brother Ronnie, Doug has stayed true to his mechanical interest, distinguishing himself in a noteworthy career with Johnson Controls, and being a founder of the Energy Efficiency Forum,  In retirement, Doug has remained kinetic, flying his own plane, cruising the Seven Seas with wife Judy; in 2009 Doug was honored as an Energy Efficiency H.o.F. inductee, one of twenty-two, who have dedicated their careers to reducing energy wastage and preventing adverse climate change
John Demarest F.H.G. Corp. g.m.1911 on; president, Russell Sage Foundation
Robert Downey, Sr. FHHS baseball star; created “Putney Swope” & RD, Jr.
John Drucker, M.D. pediatrician; OLQM first graduating class, 1922
Eddy Duchin (?) pianist; band leader
Stephen Dunn Hofstra hardwood hot-shot; Pulitzer poet, 2001; part of poetry's “NJ School”
Lynn Gardner Durante Broadway star, television actress;  in 2010 inducted into Rutgers University Jazz Hall of Fame; singing career during the Big Band era
Ian Eagle Syracuse University graduate; erudite TV play-by-play announcer for basketball and football games; affectionately known as "Bird Man"; used to hang out chez Homestead Deli, AJ Pizza, Peter Pan Bakery
Jack Eagle rolly-poly comedian who began in Catskills borscht circuit ; also big-band era trumpeter; actor who appeared in copious commercials, notably as Brother Dominic; father of sportscaster Ian "Birdman" Eagle
Guyon Earle inventor, promoting sunken living rooms, stained glass, rec rooms
Henry, Tom, Fred
realtors who grew up on the two-block long FHG street, Rockrose Place;  the trio attributes their success in part to having learned the lessons of the board game, Monopoly, as youngsters;  when Henry, the eldest, decided in 2009 to go his separate way from his brothers, they amicably split their three billion dollar family empire, known as Rockrose Development, by drawing for a coffee stirrer and flipping a coin
High-Pitch Eric member of Howard Stern's Wack Pack; with his falsetto voice, bad manners, horrible hygiene, obese Erik Bleaman has transgressed most everything Miss Ehler's white-gloved boys were exhorted not to do
Frank Ericson LaGuardia mob foe; his driver packed; still won FH xmas awards
Peter Falk actor, lauded as TV's Lieutenant Columbo, who always had "just one more question"; played in "Prisoner of Second Avenue"; at three, had malignant tumor removed, with glass right eye inserted
Thomas Farrell OLQM, Molloy H S; Olympics gold medallist 1600 meter relay
Alan Feinstein character actor, TV and movies
Geraldine Ferraro U.S. congresswoman; 1984 candidate for V.P.
Totie Fields (?) rotund comic who lived only 48 years; plagued by health challenges, Totie Fields had left leg amputated in 1976, prompting her quip from wheelchair, "I weigh less than Elizabeth Taylor!"
Ella Fitzgerald (?) singer
R. Buckminister Fuller futurist; inventor of geodesic dome; played bridge with the Pecks
Tony Fuller Newsweek editor; wrote "What Vietnam Did to Us"
Art Garfunkle singer; actor; FHHS
Ted Seuss Geisel (?) Dartmouth grad; Dr. Seuss: “Oh, the places you'll go!”
Judge George Boyce F.H.G. Corp. Pres.1939-1948; CH B.of Dir. Pres.c.1929
Frank Gifford N.Y. Giants football player; USC star and all-American boy
Don Gillis, Sr. composer; NBC symphony; Toscanini conducted his “Alamo”
Mortimer Gold philanthropist; Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Michael Goldsmith an ex-law professor, who grew up in Forest Hills, Michael was diagnosed in 2006 with ALS; rather than being paralyzed by his condition, he proactively encouraged Major League Baseball to become involved in the medical community's so far unsuccessful struggle to find a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease; on July 4, 2009, exactly seventy years after the Iron Man's "Luckiest Man" speech, Michael was honored at an ALS Awareness (mlb4als.mlblogs.com) pre-game ceremony at the new Yankee Stadium; reporting in the New York Times, George Vecsey stated that "His underhand pitch [throwing out the first ball] was short, but the fans understood and cheered. Michael Goldsmith hit his own grand slam"
Benny Goodman (?) clarinetist
Frederic Goudy 1920s type designer, 124 Goudy fonts; shhh! - maintained shop on Deepdene
Edward Graham, “Jr.” “Mr. Swell Guy”; creator of Bert & Harry Piel, Linus
Edward Graham,“Sr.” cartoonist, The New Yorker; created the term “Loose lips sink ships”
Agnes Kendrick Gray poet; wrote “River Dusk” and other poems
Rocky Graziano middleweight; aka Rocco Barbella, married to Norma Cohen
Fred Gretsch, Sr. and four generation family musical instruments: drum, guitar
Peter Griffith while attending PS101, performed on the radio in shows like "Henry Aldrich";  as an adult, continued in show biz as a movie actor; was married to actress Tippi Hedren;  Peter and Tippi are the parents of Hollywood star Melanie Griffith;  Peter's sister, Sally, was also a child radio performer and was elected PS101 eighth grade G.O. president in 1949, beating Dick Buchanan and Henry Hof 3rd, with a ubiquitous poster campaign featuring the slogan "Vote for Sally" and also promising to promote a cake-bake sale, which was indeed complied with, utilizing the gym's kitchen facilities
Ernie Grunfeld FHHS; N.Y. Knicks forward; GM for Knicks, Bucks, Wizards
Walter Guevara-Arce ambassador to U.N. &, briefly, president of Bolivia, 1980
Buddy Hacket comedian; actor, e.g., “The Music Man”
James Hal Kemp radio orchestra leader
Learned Hand federal judge1909–1961, handing down 3,000 learned opinions
Robert Harriss Leslie owner; “Democrats for Wilkie” backer; donated sailing ship mast for Flagpole Green flagpole
Hardart family of Horn & Hardart Cafeterias: The Automat!
Jeff Hart Dartmouth English prof; writer on American conservatism
Thomas Hart realtor and prominent local Democrat
Malthe Hasselrïis miniture portraitist, illustrator of magazines and books by Pearl Buck, et al.
Cliff Heather jazz trombonist; CBS orchestra “Hit Parade”; toured abroad
Henry Hemmerdinger Atlas Terminal owner; 1925 early F.H.G. Jewish resident
Stephen Hero child prodigy violinist; married to José Iturbe’s daughter
Alan Hevesi an athlete and a scholar at PS101/FHHS;  Queens College varsity basketball forward; PhD in public law and government;  political science professor;  NY State Assemblyman for 22 years;  NYC and (later) NY State Comptroller;  pleaded guilty to, and was convicted of, misusing State pension funds;   incarcerated in an Upstate correctional facility, with a sentence of one to four years;  Alan was released December 12, 2012, residing now at his Ingram Street home
Dennis Hevesi journalist; Pulitzer prize winner
Eugene Hevesi a Hungarian-born leader who represented several Jewish American non-governmental groups to the United Nations;  son of Simon Hevesi, chief rabbi of Budapest before World War II;  father of sons John, Alan and Dennis
Henry Hof, Sr. Manhattan realtor, nicknamed "Mr. Third Avenue";  early resident of Forest Hills Gardens residing for years at 254 Greenway North (in a home with a secret fur closet) ;  along with wife, Lillian Barning Hof, helped build the Community House for whom the gymnasium was named;  the latter, incidentally, was lauded around 1950 in a page one LI Daily Press article, with the headline Forest Hills Widow Collars Intruder and Hands Him Over to Police: one night from her bedroom, Lillian heard a burglar rummaging downstairs, called the cops, confronted the man who had grabbed a kitchen knife, ordered him out of her house, and with fortuitous timing was escorting him down the front steps as 112th Precinct police arrived, arresting a Jamaica, Queens resident who had met his match
Henry Hof 3rd posed for Weinman statue on DC federal building frieze; captained college freshman basketball team; served as Peace Corps community developer, Colombia; worked for United Nations Secretariat as technical cooperation officer
John Hogan FM Radio Inventor, e.g., single dial; founded WZXR, now WQXR
John Hylan NYC Mayor 1918 - 1925
Marty Ingalls aka Martin Ingerman; comedian, SNL; married to Shirley Jones
Gina Ingoglia award winning children's book author, of which she has penned more than 80;  a vice president of the Brooklyn Botanic Florilegelium Society, she wrote for the organization "The Tree Book for Kids and Their Adults";  Ingoglia graduated from Dickinson College, which in 1996 conferred on her an honorary degree;  Gina holds a Master's degree from NYU in publishing, having early on interested another now Famous Forest Hillian to go into the field, namely, literary agent par excellence, Philip Spitzer
John Iskyan oriental rug importer, defense manufacturer WWII; awarded military “E”
José Iturbe (?) renowned pianist, conductor; Spanish born
Hirsh Jacobs race horse owner and breeder
John Jeffers Harvard-honed grade A student (with Type-A temperament).  U.S. Marine Captain, served in Asia.  Ohio lawyer.  Hudson City Councilman.  In college, dated one of "People's" 50 Most Beautiful Persons: Ali McGraw
Charlie Jensen Navy Cross awardee; hosted lively, fun parties near WSTC during tennis tourneys; became a professional party planner, uniting vocation and avocation
Maggie Johnson TV entertainer, singer, pianist; CITG Sunday School teacher
Thomas Johnson, M.D. eye surgeon; operated for cataracts on King of Siam
Travis Johnson singer who appeared in early television commercials such as for Mobile Oil;  spouse of Famous Forest Hillian Sunday school teacher, singer and entertainer, Maggie Johnson
Al Jolson born Asa Yoelson; actor, singer, popularizing “Swanee”
W. Walton Jones president, City Service; died in plane crash, $500,000 in hand
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