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Since our founding in the late 1990's there has been solid support for more
universal participation and for an efficient way to exchange memories and
reminiscences and to learn more about the lives of our far-flung Forest Hills
brothers and sisters. The Internet now offers a mechanism for that.

Since 2001, we have been meeting in the Fall, annually, in what we call
"Conviviums" in diverse places such as Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Forest
Hills. In 2008, at the special invitation of Brenda La Grange Johnson, former
Forest Hillian then serving as the United States Ambassador to the island nation of Jamaica, over 50 of us travelled to Kingston and Montego Bay. In 2009, we cruised from NY to Bermuda on Royal Caribbean. In 2010 and 2011 we enjoyed Jacksonville Beach, FL, and in 2012 New Orleans.

The Forest Hills Club's stated initial purpose was (and still is) to promote
sharing of memories, photographs and reminiscences and to collect and share
information on the whereabouts of our fellow Forest Hillians.

We are an organization of inclusion. All persons with memories of Forest Hills
are invited to participate. Please join us, enjoy our website and come to our next Convivium!

We survive on donations mainly to cover website expenses and would appreciated a donation...whatever you feel it's worth. To chip in, please mail a check payable to, "The Forest Hills Club", c/o Jeff McGann, Secretary/Treas.
34 S. Harbor Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32960. Or, click "Join Us" on the navigation bar on the left for an easy "Pay Pal" credit card secure payment option.

With just a few mouse clicks here on our website you can be back in Forest Hills again. Using the links on the left side, you can revisit and see people, places and things of Forest Hills.

We survive on donations of information, pictures, and biographies also.
Please contact Jeff McGann by email at jmcap@gate.net or phone 772 563 3268.

* * *